Time is the construct. Press pause if you need a moment. LOL @ ALL THE PLEBS WHO TRIED TO FIGHT IT?! earth is an orb, it was always to fall away and open this way.

Come with me into the new world. Let’s form it and fuck with it like we always wanted.

Oh I don’t mean any malice, only just desserts. I just want to smile again. And we will, my friend. Take my hand and I’ll help you ascend.

I gotta get the fick outta here. But not until we’ve finished what we sat out to do. Don’t worry. I’m not backing out. I came back, didn’t I?

Look, let’s just be stupid and reckless for a while. It’s only a matter of time before we have to wipe their memories from the book of life. It always breaks my heart to give them what they want.

Stepford life, step in line, empty eyes… Who chooses to be hollow? They always become what they most despise… Never realising they were always just fighting themselves…

It’s not so lonely here in the gnow. Just kinda depressing watching all those souls do that shit to themselves.. Over and over and over again.

Creative writing, channeling the world watchers, through the 61st gate of my crown. Pluto my pair holds vigil the portal of mystery. He’ll be watching from the edge of the bifrost for the rest of the year. I knew he wouldn’t just leave me here.

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