Cinderella’s Game of Life

Cinderella: Life Sux!

Aim: get from the start to the finish.

How to play: begin in the centre. Roll 1 die and move that many spaces. Read contents of corresponding space. Continue.

Made this in high school, I can’t remember which year (between 2000-2002).

It was a mash up of the fairy tale of Cinderella and the concept of the game of life.

No matter what we do, life (other people, society, circumstance, situations, whatever) just seems to shit all over you and whatever you do.

There’s always something to go wrong which halts your plans or progress.

So what are you going to do about it? Complain like a pussy? Whinge whine woe is me wah wah weep.

Or realise everyone is just doing their thing and is going through the same shit as you?

Oh yeah, i included an infinite loop sequence because i thought it would be hilarious and “tough shit” if someone ended up on that space.

When it seems like you’ve broken through and finally making progress, something goes off to set you back… And initiate sequence for LOLz.

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