Soluna 131, Gemini new

Some stuff from today. The gemini new moon took place as I was sleeping. When I saw the times on my sun/moon calendar app, I recognised the number as one of mine.

I dont know how to care about explaining and demonstrating my thought process checkpoints anymore.

131 is a prime in a bunch of different ways. Wikipedia told me so.

  • Sophie Germain prime
  • Irregular prime
  • Palindromic prime
  • Permutable prime
  • Eisenstein prime
  • Chen prime
  • Full reptend prime
  • Ulam number

I circled some personally significant numbers/dates.

And included a screen shot of my morning’s random playlist. Daily playlist 3 was chosen as the sum of my personal day, month and year numbers.

131 Vala asteroid. LOL sigh. That’s new and fucking… something… important to me.

But I’m nothing. Nobody. Stop toying with me. Why do i do this? Im deluded with the bullshit notion of purpose. There is no purpose or meaning to me.

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